How can technology be used to improve warehouse security?

Mar 4, 2022 | Commercial Security

How can technology be used to improve warehouse security?

While at a basic level, we could say that all warehouses have the same overall function: they store goods until they are needed. However, in recent years they have become so much more. 

While traditional storage-style warehouses still exist, the way they function is rapidly changing. With the continuing growth of eCommerce, the types and value of products are changing. Additionally, as technology evolves globally, the introduction of automation and robotics within warehouses is becoming more common-place, with 75% of supply chain professionals staining they are planning to invest in robotics in the next 12 months. 

Much like operations have evolved over the last twenty years, the challenge of securing a warehouse has changed. So how can the latest developments in security technology improve security, drive efficiencies and protect profits for warehouse managers? 

Risk-free access control  

Second, only to fire safety, controlling access is undoubtedly at the core of any security system. However, for warehouse managers, managing who has access and when is more than automating the clocking-in process. From providing building access to limiting access to designated high-worth areas or storage rooms, warehouse managers can now able to control access to stock better than ever before. 

Historically, access codes, key cards and even mobile phone apps were common forms of access control. They also had a significant weakness; they could be easily duplicated, leaving warehouses vulnerable. However, the advancements in biometric identification systems have resolved this. Biometric identification systems identify users through Retina, fingerprint and even behaviour patterns that are unique to the individual, making them impossible to replicate.

Say goodbye to your traditional CCTV cameras

Warehouse CCTV AI Camera

And hello, AI-enabled. One of the most exciting new products available are AI-driven cameras. While they might sound like something from the future, AI-driven cameras a more common than you might think due to their use in most new automotive vehicles. However, the same technology is also revolutionising commercial security solutions. 

Facial recognition and high-definition cameras combined with artificial intelligence can identify exactly who is in an area and react accordingly. 

From tracking employees’ movements to reduce theft to raising early prevention alerts if an operative is heading towards unauthorised areas, AI-enabled CCTV is more proactive than traditional after-the-event footage. 

Cloud integration and remote monitoring is going to continue to grow in importance. From the ANPR camera at the main gate to timekeeping for employees, cloud data storage means instant access to the information gathered by every security system. 



What’s the future of Warehouse security? 

cloud-based systems and mobile Commercial Security and access technology

Facial recognition is growing in importance as a key security tool, and it is already used to enhance public safety in many places around the world. As the technology evolves, it seems unlikely that its use will not continue to grow in the private sector and security in particular. If you want proof of just how far facial recognition has evolved, visit one of the new Amazon retail outlets. You scan your app as you enter, and from there, the cameras and smart shelves track you what you bought. It won’t be long before we start to see the widespread rollout of this technology across warehouses to improve the movement of employees and products. 



But what do I actually need for my Warehouse Security?

When it comes to security, warehouse facilities present a unique challenge. Each warehouse or logistics facility we encounter are unique and present a different challenge, so the security needs to be tailored to meet that challenge. In fact, when someone asks, ‘how can I make my warehouse secure?’ what they really mean is ‘I need help with my unique warehouse situation’. 

Additionally, when looking at security for a client, there can never be enough focus on current and future integration. The perfect security systems should be integrated fully, whether data from the fire system to radiofrequency tagging, biometric data to facial recognition. We can install a security system that provides complete security protection with remote, real-time access, and cloud integration with current technology. 

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