Top considerations for summer security

Jul 24, 2023 | CCTV, Commercial Security, Fire Safety, Intruder Alarms, Security Systems

As summer approaches and the UK remains hopeful that temperatures soar, many manufacturing facilities are in the run up to their annual shut down for maintenance, upgrades, or simply to accommodate a seasonal slowdown in production. Whilst factory closures present an opportunity for improvements, they also bring security challenges that must be addressed to protect both the premises and the valuable assets within. In this article, we will explore the key security considerations necessary for a safe factory shut down in summer.

Conduct a comprehensive risk assessment

As you know you’re about to shut up shop it’s important to conduct a thorough risk assessment. Engage your team to identify potential vulnerabilities in and around the facility. Evaluate previous security incidents, if any, and consider external factors such as the local crime rate and any recent incidents in the locality. Understanding the risks will help you implement appropriate security measures.

Ensure a secure perimeter and control access

During the closure period it’s essential that the factory’s perimeter is fully secured to prevent unauthorised access. Ensure that all gates, entrances, and exits are securely locked and reinforced, and consider installing additional temporary barriers if necessary. Implement access control systems with multi-factor authentication to restrict entry to authorised personnel only. You could consider locking down the access for people who don’t need to be entering the premises during the shutdown weeks. It’s absolutely essential that people and youngsters who shouldn’t be able to get on your site can’t to ensure no accidents, theft or damage occurs.

Enhanced video surveillance

A robust video surveillance system is a crucial asset in safeguarding the building at all times however during close down period. Upgrade existing CCTV cameras to high-definition models and strategically place them to cover all critical areas, including entrances, sensitive machinery, and storage facilities. Consider utilizing smart analytics to detect any suspicious activities in real-time.

Adequate lighting

Well-lit premises act as a strong deterrent to potential intruders. Ensure that all outdoor areas are well-illuminated, especially entrances and vulnerable points. If you have already installed your lighting still check that the lights are working and replace any bulbs that are not. Motion-activated lights can also be effective in deterring trespassers during the night, especially as the evenings draw in.

Asset protection

It’s essential your security systems are focussed on your valuable stock, assets and equipment during this shut down period. Additional security might be needed like CCTV cameras even if a few employees or contractors are working in the area (just let them know via communications and signage). Using motion detector cameras will ensure that people who are monitoring security during this period will get notified.

Fire risk reduction

Make sure you’ve got all of the fire protection systems working within the premises during this time, when people are away from the building there’s a higher risk of a fire taking hold. Test smoke detectors, heat sensors and alarms before you close down to check that everything is working. If the fire risk assessment shows a high risk of fire during your shut down period perhaps have a expert in to check all of your fire equipment to be 100% confident that everything is functioning as it should.

As your manufacturing facility and team prepares for a summer shut down, prioritising security considerations must be on your tick list. Conducting a thorough risk assessment, implementing enhanced video surveillance, securing access points, and ensuring cybersecurity measures are in place will help protect your valuable assets and maintain a safe environment. By being proactive and vigilant, you can confidently lock the gates on the last day knowing that you have taken all the steps for mitigating security risks effectively. Remember, a secure factory sets the foundation for a successful reopening when summer ends.

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