Selecting artificial intelligence (AI) CCTV cameras

Sep 25, 2023 | CCTV, Security Systems

Are you wondering about the features and benefits of artificial intelligence CCTV surveillance cameras?

AI CCTV is particularly useful in several locations or places, will it become mainstream for all CCTV installations? Who knows with the rapid pace. What JKE does know is where you can use this functionality as part of your electronic security strategy.

First let’s review what the benefits of artificial intelligence CCTV cameras offer over traditional CCTV

AI-powered CCTV cameras offer several benefits over traditional CCTV cameras, including:

  • Object recognition: these cameras can be programmed to recognise objects such as weapons.
  • Fast response: the AI system will pick up and alert your control room speedily once something or someone has been detected.
  • Higher accuracy: with accurate algorithms you’ll reduce the false alarms that are often seen with standard CCTV cameras and human analysis (typically in an area with lots of cameras a control room can see up to 100 false alarms a day).
  • Uninterrupted surveillance: these cameras provide 24/7 surveillance even when a security shift changes over. Things won’t be missed and alerts will be raised promptly.
  • Pattern spotting: a useful element of AI is the ability to set patterns that are critical for your site or the people using the site. Once a pattern has been set your CCTV system will continue to learn.
  • Fast data extraction: with AI powered CCTV systems video analytics can be completed much faster which is useful for large bases such as airports or universities.
  • Improved precision: especially when it comes to recognising peoples faces, an AI CCTV system is much more powerful than traditional cameras and security personnel scanning screens.
  • Improve motion detection: traditional CCTV cannot ascertain whether the motion it is detecting is a real threat, for example an animal entering the premises is probably not a security alert. AI cameras can help improve motion detection so responses are only needed by security personnel for real issues.
  • Crowd management: AI CCTV can count which is particularly useful for things like events or large venues where there is a limit on the number of participants within the space.
  • Reducing threats: for places where staff are vulnerable, like A&E departments within hospitals, AI CCTV can alert security personnel if any known attackers have entered the building

Where AI CCTV is useful

AI CCTV can be used in a wide variety of settings, including:

  • Shopping centres: AI CCTV can help security personnel to identify and track known shop lifters, as well as to detect suspicious activity using pattern setting.
  • Hospitals: AI CCTV can help security personnel to monitor patient activity, threats on site and to identify missing patients.
  • Banks and other financial institutions: AI CCTV can help security personnel to detect fraudulent activities and to prevent robberies.
  • Schools and universities: AI CCTV can help security personnel to monitor student activity and to identify potential threats.
  • Public places (town centres): AI CCTV can help security personnel to deter crime and to protect public safety.
  • Airports: AI CCTV can help with tracking suspicious activities or packages within airport terminals
  • Event venues: AI CCTV can help count the number of people within the venue and alert at certain stages for example capacity is at 50% or 95%.

How AI CCTV is used

AI CCTV cameras use a variety of sensors and algorithms to detect and identify objects and people. For example, AI CCTV cameras can use facial recognition to identify known individuals, or they can use object recognition to identify vehicles and weapons.

Once an AI CCTV camera has detected an object or person, it can send an alert to security personnel. This alert can include information such as the type of object or person that was detected, the location of the detection, and the time of the detection.

We explain more about HOW the system works here

So, what’s the cost difference between Artificial Intelligence (AI) CCTV and traditional CCTV?

The cost of Artificial Intelligence CCTV cameras is typically higher than the cost of traditional CCTV cameras. However, the cost difference has narrowed in recent years, as AI technology has become more affordable.

The additional cost of AI CCTV may be justified for businesses that require the highest level of security. For example, businesses in high-crime areas or businesses that handle sensitive data may benefit from investing in AI CCTV.

Spotting missing patients in a hospital

AI CCTV can be used to spot missing patients in a hospital by continuously monitoring patient activity and identifying patients who have left their designated areas. AI CCTV can also be used to identify patients who are at risk of wandering away, such as patients with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease or within mental health units.

Our expert opinion on artificial intelligence CCTV

If you are looking for an artificial intelligence CCTV solution that can help you to improve security and protect people and property, then you should consider investing in AI CCTV. It will be a long term investment where things improve with time and input from your security team or operational staff who know the site.

It’s worth noting that the use of AI and CCTV in the UK is subject to regulations and legal considerations, especially regarding data privacy and individual rights. The authorities and organisations that are using these technologies must adhere to relevant laws and guidelines to ensure ethical and responsible use.

If you’d benefit from the installation of AI powered CCTV systems, please call us on 0800 2545645 or email and one of the team will be happy to organise a site visit.