Focussing on CCTV surveillance cameras

Mar 15, 2024 | Commercial Security, Door Access Control, Office Security, Security Systems

JKE have been sharing information about CCTV surveillance cameras on our social media channels, here’s the full round up of what our expert teams have said.

The first area to focus on is your CCTV Camera Angle an important element to think about?

Yes. And here’s why.

CCTV cameras keep a vigilant eye over our businesses. A poorly placed or angled camera can miss crucial details, hindering its ability to deter incidents and aid in investigations. It’s like having a security guard with tunnel vision – they can’t effectively monitor the entire area.

The right angle matters because:

  • Coverage: The angle determines the area the camera can capture. Wide-angle lenses can cover a broader area, while narrow-angle lenses zoom in for more detail if the angle is spot on.
  • Perspective: The angle affects how objects appear in the footage. A tilted camera can distort the image, making it difficult to identify individuals or objects accurately.
  • Blind Spots: Improper placement or an awkward angle can create blind spots, leaving potential threats or incidents undetected.

When JKE installs your CCTV cameras here’s what we are considering:

  • Consideration of the location: We ensure that we position surveillance cameras strategically to cover all entry and exit points, high-traffic areas, and sensitive zones.
  • Angling the lens: If the camera needs to cover ground level or overhead spaces or wide areas then the camera will be installed to perfectly get the right view.
  • The right height: JKE will mount your CCTV surveillance cameras at a suitable height to capture a clear view without obstructions.

How do you know when your CCTV cameras need upgrading?

It’s a key question. No one wants to be upgrading for the sake of upgrading.

Here’s our take on what to look for with your surveillance cameras:

Security vulnerabilities

Older camera models may have security vulnerabilities that make them susceptible to hacking or unauthorised access. Upgrading to newer models with better security features can help mitigate these risks.


If your current cameras are incompatible with newer technology or software upgrades, it may be necessary to upgrade to maintain compatibility and access to new features.

Maintenance costs

If you find yourself frequently repairing or maintaining your existing cameras, it may be more cost-effective in the long run to invest in newer, more reliable models.

Image quality

If the image quality of your current cameras is no longer sufficient for your needs, especially if you’re having difficulty identifying individuals or details, it might be time to upgrade to cameras with higher resolution.

Regulatory compliance

Changes in regulations or compliance standards may require upgrades to your CCTV system to ensure compliance with privacy and data protection laws.

End of life

Manufacturers may stop supporting older camera models, making it difficult or impossible to obtain replacements or updates. If your cameras are nearing the end of their expected lifespan or are no longer supported, it’s a sign that upgrading may be necessary.

Business expansion or changing needs

If your business has expanded or your security requirements have changed, your current camera system may no longer meet your needs. Upgrading to a more scalable or feature-rich system can help accommodate these changes. Don’t forget to have your signage up for CCTV (check out the law here).

an example of the signage JKE will supply when installing new CCTV cameras.

Talk to JKE for your CCTV

One call… that’s all it takes to get the insight from JKE on what’s what with your CCTV.

One call…. and three reasons:

  1. Our team have the knowledge and experience to upgrade CCTV from older analogue systems to the newer cloud based systems. And we understand the need for your CCTV surveillance cameras not to be down for too long for high-risk premises or areas.
  2. JKE are not limited to one manufacturer of CCTV surveillance cameras; we make it our business to know them all and send our engineers on regular product training sessions that the manufacturers run.
  3. Our clients think we are the bees knees; from the office team to the engineering team and the management people – we’re a good bunch of people who want to ensure your CCTV installation and servicing is top notch.

So if you’re CCTV needs some TLC then give us a call (0800 2455645) or you can email us too (