Commercial Security in 2022 – what can we expect to see?

Jan 14, 2022 | Commercial Security, Office Security

Commercial Security in 2022 – what can we expect to see?

The speed of development in the commercial security sector is fast to the point of being almost impossible to keep up with. Technology leaps ahead almost daily, and new, innovative, and radical developments spring up like mushrooms. Every few days, we seem to see new products that ping our radar only to be superseded in seemingly increasingly shorter periods of time. It’s an exciting industry to be part of, but that also means it can be a difficult one to predict. That said, while it may be difficult to second guess the innovation of specific products, the broader development of the industry is a little easier to judge. Here are a few things we think we will be seeing a lot of in the coming year.

Radar and Lidar system in adaptive security

Radar system for Commercial Security IllustrationRadio and Laser detection systems are showing more and more potential when it comes to commercial premises. Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar) has qualities that make it a very interesting prospect for securing areas. Not only is it capable of detecting movement and other changes to the environment, but it integrates well with access control and video monitoring. Currently, Lidar is probably better known for its use in self-control vehicles where it is used to 3D model the environment. Regardless of where it is installed, it works by firing lasers into an area to model the environment.

Unlike movement sensing technology or video surveillance, Lidar can be utilised to compensate for common false alarm triggers and environmental issues such as changing light intensity and reflection.

Not only does this mean considerably less potential for false alarms, but it also produces a more accurate and, as we will come back to later, a potentially far more adaptive commercial security system that integrates easily.


cloud-based systems and mobile Commercial Security and access technology

Increase in cloud-based systems, 5G and mobile access

If the pandemic has proved anything, it is that cloud, and remote access makes life a lot easier. Cloud storage and access used as part of the wider security systems for commercial property will certainly increase in the coming year. As we all know, the biggest flaw in any potential cloud-based solution is the user’s access to the connectivity it requires.

With the continued roll-out of 5G and the rapid development of mobile devices, connectivity issues could be the stuff of memories. High speed, widespread access also opens up the possibilities of using cloud-based connectivity for mobile devices for much more than the traditional streaming.

Real-time adaptive access controls, human interaction with detection issues, control of systems and many other options could well become the norm via mobile devices.


AI as the final piece in the puzzle

AI-driven Commercial Security systemsWe mentioned commercial security with an adaptive edge earlier. To really see this potential, you need to consider how Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be utilised in these systems.

Advances such as Lidar’s ability to create improved imaging and detection systems less prone to false alarms take on a new dimension with AI. Utilising the decision-making potential of AI, support security systems suddenly leap forward. Problematic areas such as the detection of intruders as opposed to existing occupants or compensation for weather conditions could be easily resolved.

The potential for AI to adapt to circumstances and react accordingly is an intriguing one. Commercial security controlled by an AI with the appropriate skills to filter threats and intrusions would increase accuracy and response time to almost instantaneous. The very real prospect of a flexible, easily upgraded, fully integrated environment that requires little or no human interaction except for critical decisions sounds like the holy grail of commercial security.

2022 is going to be an exciting year, and it looks very much like there will be some real leaps forward in the commercial security arena. As always, we will be keeping an eye on things and be ready to test and adopt any new technologies that will benefit our clients.

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