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Maintenance & Monitoring Packages

As an independent company, not tied to one manufacturer, we search the market for a high-quality system that gives you the best coverage for your site and its operations. There is little point in spending money on a system that won’t give you a clear image that can be used as evidence in a prosecution.


Fitting high-quality security and alarm systems means that a HUGE weight is taken off your mind.

You deserve to be able to relax, whether you are on the premises or not, safe in the knowledge that people, property and your assets are all protected.

New threats emerge from intruders, vandals and criminals all the time and it’s our job to ensure that you stay safe and able to go about your business in peace. If the worst happens and a crime is committed, we want to see those people caught quickly by the police and facing the courts with support from evidence captured on your alarm systems.

We can help you escape from time-consuming worries and anxieties about everything working correctly with our all-inclusive alarm monitoring and maintenance package.

For one simple annual fee,
you will receive:

  • Regular health checks
  • Priority call-outs with a UK-based 24/7 number to call
  • Costs of any parts and labour are covered
  • Spread the cost and pay monthly or quarterly
  • Know exactly what you’re paying and never face additional bills to keep all your systems in perfect running order.
  • Maintenance packages can be tailored to suit your requirements.
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Well what can I say they came out on a Saturday and grafted in the cold , to fit our alarm and cctv systems . A great job a few tweaks to do , a brilliant service and good lads . Geoff Reynolds
Having a JKE Alarm system fitted on our house was the best decision we could have mad. We have recently welcomed a new one into the world and having the feeling of a stress free immobiliser alarm to reassure us in the night is a fantastic feeling. The fitting was fast and best of all you can't see any wires. I would highly recommend Dan for his customer service skills and his general want for people's safety.
Recently had a security system fitted to my house and garage by JKE security. The installation was carried out in a very professional manner by an engineer who had a passion for the work. The system is very good and can be added to in the future if required. It is so reassuring to have this system and gives piece of mind. Would highly recommend to anyone who has no security or are looking to upgrade. Excellent job.

JKE Fire & Security
JKE Fire & Security7 hours ago

Another very important fire prevention tip:

Keep flammable objects at least 3 feet away from space heaters or fireplaces at all times.

#Nottingham #Derby #FirePrevention

JKE Fire & Security
JKE Fire & Security2 days ago

What to do if someone breaks into your home...

#Nottingham #Derby #Tips

JKE Fire & Security
JKE Fire & Security4 days ago

Is #CCTV legal in #schools

Listen in to find out 👂

#security #education

JKE Fire & Security
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JKE Fire & Security
JKE Fire & Security4 days ago

If you want to make sure your fire alarms are in the best condition...

Get in touch with our team at JKE Fire & Security! Fire alarms are vital in detecting early signs of a fire.

Call 0800...

JKE Fire & Security
JKE Fire & Security5 days ago

#energycrisis = #blackouts 🤔

Maybe so, and if this is the case and not just #clickbait then now is the time to get your batteries checked in your #securitysystems🔋...

JKE Fire & Security
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JKE Fire & Security
JKE Fire & Security5 days ago

Want to create safer surroundings for you and your loved ones?

You can do this by having our security systems installed! These include intruder alarms, CCTV, fire alarms and more.

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