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    Well what can I say they came out on a Saturday and grafted in the cold , to fit our alarm and cctv systems . A great job a few tweaks to do , a brilliant service and good lads . Geoff Reynolds
    Our old alarm system had issues and the maintenance company were terrible. A call JKE Security and Dan was here that week. Options discussed and a system selected our old system was out, new one in and now we actually use the alarm as it’s so easy to arm and disarm! The other bonus was the new system is so much more compact than the old one so the big bulky battery box on the wall of our sons room is gone as well!I couldn’t recommend Dan and JKE Security enough!
    Having a JKE Alarm system fitted on our house was the best decision we could have mad. We have recently welcomed a new one into the world and having the feeling of a stress free immobiliser alarm to reassure us in the night is a fantastic feeling. The fitting was fast and best of all you can't see any wires. I would highly recommend Dan for his customer service skills and his general want for people's safety.
    Recently had a security system fitted to my house and garage by JKE security. The installation was carried out in a very professional manner by an engineer who had a passion for the work. The system is very good and can be added to in the future if required. It is so reassuring to have this system and gives piece of mind. Would highly recommend to anyone who has no security or are looking to upgrade. Excellent job.

    JKE Security
    JKE Security38 minutes ago

    Security News This Week: Sites Have a Sneaky New Way to Track You Across the Web | Security News


    #security #websites #UK

    JKE Security
    JKE Security2 days ago

    How secure is your premises?

    Our team at JKE can ensure that all your entry points are secure with Access Control to make sure no unwanted visitors enter your property to give you #peaceofmind.

    For more...

    JKE Security
    JKE Security4 days ago

    Do you have a system in place to spot any security activations?

    Our team at JKE can make sure that we are monitoring your installations to ensure that your premises are secure and safe to give you #peaceofmind.

    JKE Security
    JKE Security5 days ago

    Do you know what Fire Alarms can do for your business?

    Not only does Fire Alarms protect your assets but it helps saves lives making your business a whole lot safer and helps give your staff #peaceofmind.

    JKE Security
    JKE Security1 week ago

    FIA Guidance document - Use of fire alarm systems for lockdown (specifically in schools) | Security News


    #firealarms #security #schools

    JKE Security
    JKE Security1 week ago

    As businesses are working from home, how do you know that your security solutions are working?

    At JKE we offer yearly renewable maintenance contracts to ensure that your systems are working at all times to give you #peaceofmind.

    Advanced CCTV systems that allow you to access any camera from anywhere at anytime.

    A maintenance contract gives you peace of mind through regular servicing and equipment checks.

    Experts in the planning, development & installation of advanced fire and security systems for office buildings.

    We offer a 24hr service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, meaning that we will always be here to assist you and ensure your property is protected.

    Maintenance packages can be tailored to suit your requirements giving you complete peace of mind.

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