Intruder Alarms

Complete protection for your premises, night and day, comes from a tailored intruder alarm – a top deterrent to would-be criminals.

You can have total peace of mind when you are away from your premises but WITHOUT the time-wasting stress of alarms being triggered for no good reason.

We know that every second counts when your business or organisation is under threat from thieves, vandals or burglars. We protect offices, factories, shopping centres, schools and healthcare buildings with systems that are individually designed to meet their needs. Options include bells-only, keyholder or police response systems. Intruder alarms can be wired or wireless.

Key features of intruder alarms that we install and maintain include:
  • We can offer a round-the-clock monitoring service
  • Wireless alarms can be set and unset via a mobile phone – ending the worry of the premises being left unprotected
  • Visual verification allows you to see on your phone why an alarm has been activated
  • If you’re sure there’s no intruder present, we can dial in and reset the system for you – no need for you to travel to the premises
  • A maintenance contract gives you peace of mind through regular servicing and checks

We’ll explain the technology in jargon-free language to ensure you get a system that works for you. We have years of experience in knowing where sensors and detectors should be placed to give the best responses.

Round-the-clock after-care is our guarantee. You can contact us at any time of the day or night through an exclusive client portal.

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Our old alarm system had issues and the maintenance company were terrible. A call JKE Security and Dan was here that week. Options discussed and a system selected our old system was out, new one in and now we actually use the alarm as it’s so easy to arm and disarm! The other bonus was the new system is so much more compact than the old one so the big bulky battery box on the wall of our sons room is gone as well!I couldn’t recommend Dan and JKE Security enough!
Having a JKE Alarm system fitted on our house was the best decision we could have mad. We have recently welcomed a new one into the world and having the feeling of a stress free immobiliser alarm to reassure us in the night is a fantastic feeling. The fitting was fast and best of all you can't see any wires. I would highly recommend Dan for his customer service skills and his general want for people's safety.
Recently had a security system fitted to my house and garage by JKE security. The installation was carried out in a very professional manner by an engineer who had a passion for the work. The system is very good and can be added to in the future if required. It is so reassuring to have this system and gives piece of mind. Would highly recommend to anyone who has no security or are looking to upgrade. Excellent job.

JKE Security
JKE Security16 hours ago

If you're looking to keep your store protected from #shoplifters, there's no better solution than a #CCTV system from JKE Security!

Keep your staff & your products safe, get in touch with us today to discuss...

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Amazing actions of security guard who disarmed Derby knifeman | Derby Telegraph

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JKE Security
JKE Security1 week ago

Nobody wants to have to think about what would happen if someone were to break into your house.
Ensure you have the best security system possible in place by coming to JKE!

Keep you & your family safe with one...

JKE Security
JKE Security1 week ago

UK’s car theft hotspots revealed, and where your vehicle is safest from criminals

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Advanced CCTV systems that allow you to access any camera from anywhere at anytime.

A maintenance contract gives you peace of mind through regular servicing and equipment checks.

Experts in the planning, development & installation of advanced fire and security systems for office buildings.

We offer a 24hr service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, meaning that we will always be here to assist you and ensure your property is protected.

Maintenance packages can be tailored to suit your requirements giving you complete peace of mind.

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