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Access Control

If you need complete authority over who gets into your buildings, a market-leading access control system is the solution.

No more worries for you about keys being copied, or codes being remembered, after staff members leave. You can have total jurisdiction over who has access to certain rooms and areas on your site – and even build in restrictions for different times of the day and night.

Solutions range from single door keypad entry through to intercoms, with or without video, and multi-door software-driven systems. We can also use biometrics – unique physical characteristics that can identify people, such as fingerprints and iris scans.

Key features of access control systems that we install and maintain include:

  • Setting up time zones so that access is only permitted at certain times or days
  • A record of who has entered each area, and when
  • Pass code entry or proximity tags for users, you select
  • People-focused benefits – no queuing to get in, people can get straight to work
  • Options to start small and upscale your system as your business grows
  • Integration with biometrics or CCTV systems
  • Asset tracking can be assigned to a user or a group of users so that high-value or important items can only move through a building with permitted users. It can also be used for finding where those assets are.

Tailored Door Entry Systems

The right access control system for your business, or organisation, can free your mind from security fears and provide greater convenience for visitors, customers and staff members.

We install a range of smart, fast and safe options for schools and colleges, financial institutions, laboratories, scientific buildings, hospitals, hotels, factories, construction sites and offices.

Different permission levels can be set for employees, contractors, visitors and customers and can update them whenever you need.

Talk to us about your sites and how you work. We’ll listen and then provide tailored options with a guarantee of aftercare to ensure you have peace of mind, all the time. We provide tailored options based on your needs, including our guarantee of aftercare, to ensure you have peace of mind, all the time.  Our expert engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Well what can I say they came out on a Saturday and grafted in the cold , to fit our alarm and cctv systems . A great job a few tweaks to do , a brilliant service and good lads . Geoff Reynolds
Our old alarm system had issues and the maintenance company were terrible. A call JKE Security and Dan was here that week. Options discussed and a system selected our old system was out, new one in and now we actually use the alarm as it’s so easy to arm and disarm! The other bonus was the new system is so much more compact than the old one so the big bulky battery box on the wall of our sons room is gone as well!I couldn’t recommend Dan and JKE Security enough!
Having a JKE Alarm system fitted on our house was the best decision we could have mad. We have recently welcomed a new one into the world and having the feeling of a stress free immobiliser alarm to reassure us in the night is a fantastic feeling. The fitting was fast and best of all you can't see any wires. I would highly recommend Dan for his customer service skills and his general want for people's safety.
Recently had a security system fitted to my house and garage by JKE security. The installation was carried out in a very professional manner by an engineer who had a passion for the work. The system is very good and can be added to in the future if required. It is so reassuring to have this system and gives piece of mind. Would highly recommend to anyone who has no security or are looking to upgrade. Excellent job.

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JKE Fire & Security1 day ago

Deter intruders with our CCTV system today!

Your peace of mind is our business.

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No one should lose out because their security solutions aren't up to the job.

Look no further than our team at JKE as we ensure there is minimal downtime with our 24/7 support.

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JKE Fire & Security5 days ago

If you need complete authority over who gets into your building our team at JKE has the solution for you!

Access control allows you to relax knowing no unexpected visitors are getting into your premises.

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JKE Fire & Security6 days ago

Where To Locate Security Cameras | Security News

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How secure is your property?

Ensure all your entry points are covered to make sure you have no unwanted visitors...

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Is your business up to date with all security procedures?

You deserve to be able to relax knowing you're in a safe environment and that your assets are all protected...

We can help you escape that anxiety with our...

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