5 Reasons Smart Locks are the fastest growing trend in Commercial Security

Jul 19, 2022 | Commercial Security

5 Reasons Smart Locks are the fastest growing trend in Commercial Security

According to new insight, Commercial Smart Locks are one of the fastest-growing commercial security technologies in the world right now. But what are they, and why are so many businesses investing in them? 

What are smart locks? 

Smart locks are electromechanical locking devices that use smart technology to lock and unlock doors.

The latest advances in smart locks have also peaked with knock-based sensors, which use a sequence of knocks to unlock. In higher-security applications such as hospitals, advancements in RFID and biometrics are particularly useful.  

There is a range of smart locks available on the market today, including: 

Smartphone  & smart watch activation smart locks

Commercial Security Smart Door Lock

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Biometrics, facial, voice and fingerprint recognition smart locks

Biometric commercial smart lock

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However, many commercial smart locks currently on the market offer flexibility by including a range of unlocking options within each device. For example, the Kwikset Halo offers everything from fingerprint and voice recognition to the traditional key lock. 

multiuse commercial smart lock

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Where can you use Commercial Smart Locks? 

Quite simply, Smart Locks can be used quickly and easily anywhere you have a locked door, including those with a deadbolt. Quick and easy to install, Smart Locks are versatile and cost-effective for many businesses uses: 

  • Offices & meeting rooms
  • Storage rooms and restricted areas
  • Commercial Building entries
  • Rented and guest accommodation, such as hotels and apartments
  • Gym & fitness centres 
  • Shops and retail units
  • Education and training facilities 

What are the benefits of a commercial smart lock?

So we know what they are and how they work now, but what’s the benefit versus a traditional lock and key? 

  1. Convenience – One of the key benefits of the smart lock is the reduced impact of forgotten and lost keys. Additionally, with the use of wifi-enabled locks, you can activate your lock from anywhere through wifi, helping to provide quick access in an emergency. 
  2. Real-time visibility – Receive alerts straight to your phone when a door is attempted to be unlocked or unlocked out of hours, allowing you to check your CCTV and remote monitoring in real-time.  
  3. Improved security – unlike key fobs, cards or pin codes, SmartKeys (i.e. biometrics or app authentication) can’t be copied, providing better security and control. 
  4. Scalable & easy installation – With Smart Locks, it’s easy to add more devices quickly and easily, with no need for wires, drills or complex installation costs. 
  5. Affordable – while the initial cost of a traditional lock and key may seem cheaper, in the long run, the cost of replacing lost keys or swipe cards can cost more. 

Are you ready to explore how smart locks could benefit your current security setup? Contact us today for a free audit of your existing commercial security system and ensure your system is compliant and up to date.