How often should my commercial security system be audited?

Aug 9, 2022 | Commercial Security

How often should my commercial security system be audited?

A commercial security system will only protect you and your business if operating correctly. However, as any true-crime podcast listener could tell you, CCTV and security systems are often left unattended, failing when you need them most.

While businesses are legally obligated to ensure their systems are audited regularly for fire safety, there are no regulations for commercial security systems such as CCTV and intruder alarms. However, failure to audit your entire commercial security system could result in faults which could cause a breach in your business insurance policy and leave you at risk.

The risk of faulty Commercial Security Systems

Commercial Security CCTV camera While we all hope never to be the victim of crime, it is a real risk for businesses. Between April 2020 and March 2021, nearly 40% of UK businesses were victims of crime, with over 68% reporting a financial loss. The cost of crime is typically 4x more than the cost of installing and maintaining your commercial security system, so can you afford the risk?


How to audit your commercial security system:


  • Conduct the necessary fire alarm and evacuation procedures tests documented in your fire safety logbook.
  • Check any devices that use batteries, such as CCTV cameras or burglar alarms, to ensure they are still working.
  • Check any intruder alarm sirens are working as expected, ensuring your system is in test mode before you begin.

Every 1-2 Months

  • Cameras: It’s not uncommon for CCTV cameras to gather dust or be knocked out of position. Therefore it’s crucial to ensure your recording a clear picture by wiping the lenses with an appropriate wipe and checking their positioning.
  • Sensors: Check any sensor-operated cameras by checking if the red light is visible when walking into a room.
  • Access points: Check all access points, such as doors, gates, and windows, are locking properly and fitted security sensors are intact.
  • Access methods: With a turnover of staff, and changes in roles over time, it’s necessary to check those that have access should still have access periodically. Check who has access to key locks, swipe cards and codes and if you’re unsure, consider updating the codes.
  • Security Guards: if you employ physical security guards or patrol teams, review protocols are followed, and records are maintained.

Every 6-12 months

  • Have your commercial security and fire safety systems audited by a trained professional to ensure they function correctly and comply with the latest regulations.
  • Working with an independent auditor, identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities, and consider options to minimise risks, such as adding new CCTV or restricted access.
  • For systems connected to emergency services departments, it’s essential to have a professional audit to ensure your system is working correctly and your insurance is valid.

Outsource your Commercial Security Monitoring and Maintenance

Outsourced Commercial Security Maintaince Partnering with a trusted security monitoring partner can enable you to work more efficiently and be confident that your business is secure.

At JKE Fire and Security, our certified technicians provide an all-inclusive solution to your security needs, including:

  • Regular health checks
  • Priority call-outs with a UK-based number (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
  • Costs of parts and labour included at no additional cost

If you do not have a maintenance partner, contact us today to see how we can help.