Illuminated walkabout

Feb 6, 2023 | Commercial Security, Office Security

Before you start calling in a security business there’s something that you can do on your premises to get a feel for what’s safe and secure and what’s not!

Doing a quick walkabout with your eyes peeled on what the physical security looks like will give you a clear picture of where you have issues. This helps you give a clearer brief and priority list to your security provider before they even come on site.

What are the steps for a walkabout?

A fresh eyes audit, as commonly done for health and safety, can help with security related issues too.

You’ll have a risk assessment for your site (or sites), does it show you what needs to be physically protected?

For example do you need barrier entry into a goods loading yard or access only locked doors for offices?

This risk assessment should show all your vulnerabilities, the weak spots and areas where unauthorised people must not enter for their own or your employee’s safety. So before you go on your site tour have a read of that risk assessment to remind yourself of what needs to be in place for H&S reasons.

Who is on site?

When you are walking about on your site remind yourself of who needs access and to where.

For example should employees have access fobs that allow them to access all areas of your site or do you need restrictions in place perhaps between an office and manufacturing site?

Also think about how people enter your premises as visitors, should they all be funnelled through the reception area for inductions or can inducted subcontractors come on site at any (prebooked) time?

Finally think about the people you never want to access the site, perhaps youngsters using it as a cut through on their way to school or people with vans who could collect stock without paying or worse those intent on damage or theft. How are you keeping people out?

If you need to keep people out but aren’t doing then you need to call in the security experts pronto.

Survey your surroundings

This is the point of your illuminated walk about, hopefully as you walk about your premises with your eyes wide open (and safety gear on!) you’ll be able to see and high risks or vulnerabilities easily.

That way you can make a plan of action; what needs immediate attention to keep people safe when they are on your site hopefully as authorised visitors or employees.

You might come across blind spots that you hadn’t realised present a potential threat for unwanted guests getting in, or over grown trees or bushes blocking your CCTV, or a broken intruder alarm case that might have meant water getting in. There’s so many things to look out for that could pose a security risk.

And no one wants to risk anything when it comes to site security today. There are so many horror stories of children getting injured, or worse, when they get onto industrial sites. Premises being damaged to such an extent a business can’t operate or things being stolen that hit your bottom line if it’s stock. Insurance is hard enough to claim on without you having to document that your security isn’t up to standard.

So have your walk then get on the phone to us (0800 2545645) for a talk. We’ll create your priority plan together and get your site as safe as fort knocks.